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Advance America at 13909 Nacogdoches Road #106 in San Antonio, Texas

Advance America is healthcare, which located in Texas. They address is 13909 Nacogdoches Road #106.
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Phone: +1 210-946-1063


13909 Nacogdoches Road #106,
San Antonio, Texas
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Customer Reviews about Advance America

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    I was pretty upset with the service I received when I went in earlier today. I wanted to apply for a payday loan and have applied for others using my online account with Advance America. As I arrived to the office with 30 minutes until closing, the doors were already locked. I decided to call because all the lights were still on and the sign was outside. The clerk quickly ran out from the back to answer the phone. She then unlocked the door for me and seemed to be in some sort of a frenzy. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she was probably in the restroom. I was trying to explain that I have an online account, but she looked at me extremely confused and didn't know advance America had a website. I again tried explaining the reason why I was coming into one of the locations instead of applying online like I had originally wanted to do, but she cut me off and began listing what I needed to apply for a loan. I once again tried explaining that I have an online account and she quickly asked for my name before explaining to me that the online account doesn't link up with having an account at the store. Mind you she said that I didn't have an account without even asking for the spelling of my name or typing anything into her system. So I once again tried explaining my situation and how I needed to open another checking account with my bank due to a fraud issue I had the previous week. She said that she can't work with me because I haven't had the account for 30 days and do not have checks with me. The lack of a check due to my newly opened checking account which is less than 5 days old was the reason for me having to go into the store. I figured that they could help me by calling my bank to confirm everything that I was saying. Also, they could confirm my account, as well as the amount of time I have banked with them. I tried to explain the situation before she cut me off again and said that she cannot work with me due to my checking account being less then 30 days old and not having a check. She couldn't even take a minute to let me finish a sentence and explain that I have been banking with my bank for over 6 years and could have them verify all the information she needed. And in the end, if she truly couldn't work with me that would have been perfectly fine. However, she did not need to dismiss me in the manner in which she did. It was completely rude and uncalled for. If she treats everyone this way, I can only imagine how much income she has lost for the company.
    June 17, 2017
    by Megen Shepherd
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Advance America is located at 13909 Nacogdoches Road #106, San Antonio, Texas.